Melbet License

The question that worries many players is whether Melbet Bangladesh is safe. Melbet officially operates in Bangladesh under the license of Curacao. This allows all players not to worry about the legality and security of their actions on the site. In this article, you will find up-to-date information about the regulation of our activities.

Using the Melbet service is absolutely legal.

Excluded Areas

The Melbet license restricts the site’s activities in the United States, the Netherlands, France, the Dutch West Indies, Curacao and Australia. The user must rely on their own discretion and take into account the availability of other licenses from the bookmaker that allow them to work in these territories.

Find out about the countries prohibited for the Melbet service.

Waiver of Melbet Brand Ownership

Curaçao eGaming does not own the management license website and has no commercial interest. It also does not have software and does not provide eGambling services in an online format. Curaçao eGaming is not the operator of the services provided by the company in this document to the end user

The Company is obliged to comply with all regulatory laws. Those who use the software or service provided by the named company and the Marketing company are responsible for verifying and complying with the laws governing eGambling in their location. In such cases, the player or participant, as well as the marketing company, are responsible for checking the issues.

Curaçao is not the owner of the Melbet service.

Print Verification System

Developing a print verification system enables instant verification of the company’s working status, approved to date, as one of the digital services. It is the Curacao Gambling Commission’s intellectual property to present all text, graphics, and other materials in this system. Content such as these materials and others are protected by copyright law.

Without prior permission, third parties cannot use the material for financial, reputational, or other purposes. An appropriate lawsuit can be filed against the violator in cases of copyright infringement, and appropriate sanctions can be imposed.

The content on the Melbet website is owned by Curacao.


Despite being registered and unregistered trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos, certain trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos used and displayed on this website belong to Curaçao eGaming and its affiliates, except for the brand name and domain of the marketing company cited above.

Part of the logo on the Melbet website belongs to Curaçao.